Mutifunction Card Guard RFID Blocking Credit Card Wallet
  Posting Date : 2013-01-07 20:57:59

Detailed Product Description

Mutifunction Card Guard RFID Blocking Credit Card Wallet Silver

1 / The price :
Do not fall into the trap of bargain prices.
Imitations are sold between 1 and 10 usd, don't give in to these derisory prices.
Also avoid offers present in websites which specialize in offering discounts and daily deals such as :
Even if they display our pictures, in no case we sell our products on these websites!
2 / Logo and aluminium :
All of our products comprise a logo outside and inside
Premium quality aluminium integrally tinted by anodization (dyed by electrolysis).
Thin coat of painted metal.
3 / Dividers :
Tear-proof PVC pockets welded in 14 points.
Folded plastic divider, of which lifetime is limited to a few days (possibly a few hours).
4 / Inside :
- New generation lock, with 10 years of experience behind us.
- High pressure injected inner shell, in ABS resin.
- Guarantee for replacement and customer service.
- Not functional clasp: do not close, opens itself, limited capacity.
- Low quality brittle shell.
- Lack of guarantee.
Misleading advertising
Pirates do not hesitate to use misleading advertising, announcing the product as waterproof and indestructible.

Contact Information
Mr Zhu
Address: No.159, BinXi Industrial Zone, Shenzhen Town, Ninghai, Zhejiang, China